Mpartner is structured to provide interdisciplinary services and is the best partner for a total and coordinated development of high profile projects. Our services are based on careful coordination of all actors and processes relevant to architectural, structural, plant engineering and specialist design in general with particular attention to the resolution of the realization problems, with a particular focus on architectural detail and engineering of specialized topics.

The programming and the control of each stage of production leads to product quality, timing and cost savings..


  • Analisi dei progetti

  • Analisi delle richieste specifiche del Committente o clienti utilizzatori

  • Concept e studi di fattibilità
  • Progettazione definitiva ed esecutiva
  • Coordinamento progettazione generale
  • Progettazione del cantiere di costruzione
  • Piano di sicurezza e coordinamento
  • Progettazione costruttiva nelle varie discipline
  • Gestione documentale


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