Mpartner, acronym of Management Partner, is a project and construction management company born in 2005 by the union of different skills from different professional fields: design companies; construction companies; engineering companies. 

From the fusion of these different fields and from the decennial experience in the construction industry, Mpartner born for the management and the realization of complex interventions in the Lombardy region. Mpartner collaborated in an interdisciplinary way to project and construction management of the most significant projects that have changed the last ten years the skyline of the city of Milan.


Mpartner is part of the engineering and construction services market for our skills aimed at implementation issues and the specific technologies of construction, with extensive experience in executive and construction design, developed through direct contact with management and executive issues on site.

This allowed the company to acquire experience of all support services to construction, from planning at all levels (feasibility studies, preliminary, definitive, executive and construction design) up to support the realization (assistance to contracts, purchases, construction design, site management) and its supervision (construction supervision, site safety, final test). The know how acquired made Mpartner as a great flexible company, making it a versatile reality, able to work alongside all actors in the construction industry as investors, real estate developers or general contractors.


Mpartner is a company of people with over three decades of professional experience in the fields of planning, construction and management of the entire construction process. It is a company of engineering and services for the construction based on optimization of resources.

The principles on which it is based, selected and implemented to stimulate the development and growth of the organization in its market and in general, in the Company, can be summarized as: :


As an enrichment for the preservation and development of the human and professional experience of each collaborator.


Of common and shared goals as a strategic tool to ensure the implementation clean processes.


As an added value to make the team stronger and provide the best product to the client.


Diego Riva

BS in aviation maintenance management and MBA

Ambrogio Ferrario

AD Industrial mechanics

Luca Capelli

College degree and registered Civil Engineer.

Ivan Saracino

College degree and registered Architect.

Daniela Franzosi

College degree and registered Architect.

Lara Borghesi

College degree and registered Architect

Carmine Concas

College degree and registered Architect.

Andrea Matricardi

College degree and registered Architect.

Alessandro Bozzi

College degree and registered Architect.


Mpartner bases its services on the capacities expressed by a team of professionals, specialized in different fields. The deepening and transverse exchange of different disciplines relevant to the topic of build, transform the work in a team workshops to find the most appropriate solutions to solve the specific problems of the sector.

To achieve that goal, the team consists of a high percentage of professionals who work in it since its establishment. The Company can count on a several number of senior professionals as well as performing business duties, contribute to the mentoring of new junior collaborators who look out for the first time to the world of work, making welcoming joined the company and implementing the work training that normally the company promotes inside. To date the Mpartner Team consists of about 70 people.

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