Mpartner is a reference to the Client for all site services. The skills gained on the field allow generic and specialist site management, with technical and managerial skills formulated in dealing with large projects with a problem-solving approach.

Completing the activities, in addition to verifying the correct execution of the works, coordinates and performs surveys, tests, surveys and monitoring, temporary and final structural and performance tests.


  • Direzione dei lavori generale e Specialistica
  • Coordinamento sicurezza
  • Contabilità dei lavori, contabilità generale e controllo costi
  • Previsione e controllo flussi finanziari
  • Verifiche ispettive, collaudi in corso d’opera, qualitativi ed amministrativi.
  • Collaudi strutturali e collaudi impianti
  • Reporting
  • Assistenza per licenze di esercizio


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